What if you could combine two of the most popular foods in one? The strawberry jellogurt is a dessert that combines the benefits of the yogurt with the flavor and texture of a strawberry, pineapple gelatin. And why not adding fresh strawberries or pineapple?

You will need:

– 0.8 l of milk;
– 2 sachets of strawberry gelatin;
– 1 teaspoon of yogurt.


– Start the process of making yogurt, in the YogurtNest, heating the milk to 50ºC and adding the spoon of yogurt when this temperature is reached;
– Add 2 sachets of gelatin and blend;
– Pour into a bowl, seal and incubate in YogurtNest for 6 to 8 hours;
– Refrigerate for 4 hours;
– Flip the bowl and serve the Jellogurt on a plate.


– You may, also, use small, sealable jars to incubate and serve;
– Use fresh strawberries, pineapple as decoration;
– You may, also, use pineapple gelatin.