Care & Maintenance of your YogurtNest

The YogurtNest is a very low-maintenance tool. Just keep it dry and away from direct sunlight, so as to keep the original colours for the longest time.




If your YogurtNest gets stained by dairy milk, wash it immediately, as the protein in the milk have a tendency to bond with the fabric fibres and generate that familiar sour milk odour.

To clear small stains, you may rub them, with a towel, soaked in soapy water. Do it as soon as you detect the stain.

To wash away larger stains, you may flip your YogurtNest inside-out and rub the affected area, vigorously.

You may, also, wash it in a front-loading laundry machine. Protect it with a large washing machine laundry net.

Note: Due to the tannin that naturally occur in the cork, the white colour, found in some models, may become darker. Do not wash along with other textiles.




Ideally, you may air-dry it, in a clothesline, away from direct sunlight, but you may, also, use you tumble dryer. Do it with the YogurtNest flipped inside-out, protect by a washing machine laundry net.