Cooking with the YogurtNest

Yes, it is mighty cool!

In addition to making yogurt, the YogurtNest allows you to cook your food, in the kitchen or on the road, saving a considerable amount of energy, and giving you peace of mind: just may walk away with the full knowledge that your cooking won’t burn or stick to the pot’s bottom. 


How to cook your rice, pasta or soup with the YogurtNest

Pour the rice in the pot, along with the vegetables and seasonings and the usual volume of water. Boil for about 3 minutes. Remove the pot from the stove and wrap it with a kitchen cloth, with the lid on. Tuck it inside the YogurtNest, seal it with the bonnet and tighten the lacing. Your rice will be ready in about 15 min. For brown rice or tough garnishes, such as tubers, control the process in order to obtain the desired result.



How to cook your soup with the YogurtNest

To cook a soup, pasta or vegetables, pour the desired ingredients in a pot.

We recommend that the vegetables for the soup be cut into small pieces.

After the initial boiling time, recommended in the table, below, remove the pan from the stove, wrap it with a kitchen towel, to avoid staining your YogurtNest’s inner liner, and tuck it inside the YogurtNest during the recommended time, seal it with the beret and tie the lacing.

You may take your YogurtNest along with you, on a trip, while it is cooking.

A pot up to 20cm in diameter may be vertically inserted in the YogurtNest. For larger diameters, insert horizontally, with the YogurtNest laying on its side. Cooking times may vary slightly, according to the power of your stove.


Dish Boiling time on the stove (min) YN cooking time (min)
Rice 3 15
Brown rice 10 40
Quinoa 10 10
Couscous Add boiling water 10
Bulgur 5 5
Millet 5 10
Buckwheatt 7 10
Pasta 3 10
Vegetables 10 25
Soup (vegetables and tubers) 10 30



Place your food, cold or hot, properly packed in airtight containers, inside the YogurtNest. You may add several layers. You may also use your YogurtNest to keep your beverages fresh.

If you want to conserve cold food for several hours, use may add a few ice packs, properly protected inside a bag.

Do not mix cold and hot foods within the same YogurtNest!  😉




Tuck your ball of dough, properly protected by a clean cloth or waxed paper, inside the YogurtNest, leaving enough space for it to raise.

Monitor the process until the desired result is reached.

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