The YogurtNest Tribe

Are you in?

If you love this Planet with a passion and go the extra mile to keep it in the best possible shape; if you love Life and try to live it to the fullest; if you enjoy doing things with your own hands, then you are, already, part of the YogurtNest tribe. And you’re very welcome!
In this corner of the YogurtNest site you will encounter a few of our champions, who promote the #YogurtNest’s values through their work and activities.

Eunice Maia

Lisbon, Portugal

Teacher and founder of Maria Granel, the first bulk, organic grocery store in Portugal.

“The YogurtNest is Portuguese and is sustainable and it allows me to produce tastier yoghurt, in a very economical way, and phase out the use of plastic packaging in the house”.

Fernanda Botelho

Sintra, Portugal

Educator, book author on medicinal plants, for adults and children alike, and blogger at Malva Silvestre.

The YogurtNest is more than just a yogurt maker. I use it, as well, to cook rice, stews and other dishes. It’s also a beautiful object, light and easy to carry. Since I started using the YogurtNest, regularly, savings, at home, have been considerable.

Joana Silva

Sintra, Portugal

Pharmacist, mother, blogger at Just Natural Please and founder of the Just Granola Shop.

I’m very fond of my YogurtNest. I love the freedom it gives me to make my yogurt, selecting the ingredients, being able to make it in an eco-friendly, sustainable way, without energy consumption or disposable containers. The yogurt is perfect, with a great texture and flavor. It is, already, a recurrent ingredient at breakfast and snacks, here at home. It makes an irresistible combination with my granola.

Now, with the new baby, I’m even happier with my YogurtNest, as we can make very healthy vegetable yogurt, for him, and steer away from the market supply, which we don’t always appreciate that much.


Raquel Fortes

Lisbon, Portugal

Blogger at It’s Up to You and healthy lifestyle consultant, based on functional nutrition, physical exercise and stress management. Co-author of the book Crianças Saudáveis, Famílias Felizes.

It was a great surprise when I first met the YogurtNest and realized that it was possible to get a creamy, delicious yogurt in just 6 hours, anywhere and at no great expense for us and the Planet. Just like my running shoes, the YogurtNest comes along with me, on my trips, ever since.

Luísa Fortes da Cunha

Lisbon, Portugal

Teacher, book writer and author of the book Crianças Saudáveis, Famílias Felizes. Blogger at My Casual Brunch.

The YogurNest allows me to have healthy yogurt, everyday, in a simple and practical way. It has been a great experience!

Joana Limão

Lisbon, Portugal

Joana loves what’s natural, simple and whole. Food and prop stylist, private chef, menu and recipe author. She participates, as an educator, in workshops, retreats and healthy cooking classes. Blogger at Please Consider.

The YogurtNest allows me to have ready-made yogurt, with very low energy expenditure and in larger jars than a conventional yogurt maker. I’m in love with this multiple-use yogurt maker, made from the bark of a tree, capable of leavening dough and slow cook delicious stews. Recommended!

Cristiano Santos

Paredes, Portugal

Furniture craftsman and TimberBee hivemaker, trail runner. Double winner of the Grande Trail da Serra de Arga 2017 (Vertical e Sunset 17Km)

I earn my life with my hands and my arms, so being in good shape is fundamental. On the other hand, I’ve been an athlete all my life, so the quality of yogurt produced with the YogurtNest, integrated into a balanced diet and a good dose of physical activity, is essential for my lifestyle.

For me, the YogurtNest is even more special because my partner, Susana, worked with Miguel on the making of the first prototypes and I followed its development process, from the beginning. We see the YogurtNest as a way for families to save Money, live healthier and become more independent.


Gonçalo Pais

Lisbon, Portugal

Engineer, trail runner, cyclist and founding member of the Linda-a-Velha Transition Initiative

I chose to live a more active and healthier lifestyle, in part, because of my age, in part for having two active children, whom I wanted to accompany. I was, already, cycling everywhere, but became interested in trail running and, soon enough, I was running 100K+ trails. Realizing that what I ate was extremely important, I was lucky to have come across the YogurtNest. Yogurt is a great, healthy food, but I had stopped consuming it because of all the sugar and additives in the commercial packages. Now we make litres of yogurt, every week, for breakfast, post-workout, kid’s snacks, ice cream, sauces, and salads. The YogurtNest is so easy and practical to use, and it can stay in the hallway or in the living room while the probiotic bacteria are hard at work. I believe it is one of the easiest and most practical steps to improve one’s diet.

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