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  • Liquen

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    Olive Green Lunch Bag

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    Light Charcoal Lunch Bag

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    Denim Stripe Pocket

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  • Miosotis

  • Light Charcoal Classic

  • Lichen Traveller

  • Olive Green Baby

  • Light Charcoal Baby

    Light Charcoal Baby

  • Baleal BabyBaleal Baby

    Baleal Baby

  • Cinderella

  • Marialva

  • Better Cloth

    Better Cloth

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    Cranberry & Coconut Granola — 400gr

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    Goji Berry & Almond Granola — 425gr

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    Fig & Walnut Granola — 425gr

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    Apple, spices & vine fruit — 425gr

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    Cacao & Raspberry Granola — 425gr

  • Alface-do-mar 30g

    Sea Lettuce – dehydrated – 30g

  • Dulse – dehydrated – 30g



*Orders of YogurtNest, Multi-Purpose Shopping Bags, granola, seaweed, napkins/individuals or several items together: sent in a reused cardboard or recycled cardboard box, without plastic bags, closed with FSC certified paper tape without solvents from hydrocarbons. We suggest you use your creativity to reuse the box 🙂 and at the end of its life place it disassembled and flattened in the recycle or compost bin. In the exceptional case of being out of stock of boxes, they can be sent in a resistant reusable bag from the carrier. Reuse it 🙂 and at the end of life place it in the recycle bin. Shipping costs to Portugal mainland, Madeira and Azores: €5. Shipping costs to other destinations to be consulted in the purchase simulation, after placing the address.

* Orders of lighter items: Better Cloth, handmade wooden knives or cotton mesh bags: sent via CTT green mail, in recycled paper envelopes printed with environmentally-friendly inks. Shipping to  Portugal Mainland, Madeira, Azores: €2.


Orders are shipped within 24h after payment, in business days.

* Portugal mainland and other countries: delivery via carrier, with reception expected on the following working day (Portugal mainland) or in 3-5 working days (Europe; for other countries please consult tracking), from 9h-18h, if the order is paid until 12h. Check the e-mail you received from the TNT/Fedex carrier to track your order. (Warning: this mail may be in the spam box). It is very important to indicate a home or work address or that of a relative or street shop where someone can receive the order from 9h-18h, on the working day planned. The carrier will only call you before delivery if you leave that request in the Order Notes. If your house does not have a street number, please add information about the colour of the house or something to help us locate it, in the order notes. If after three unsuccessful delivery attempts the order is returned to us, new delivery will be charged and will be sent after we receive notification of your payment.

* Madeira: shipping until 24h after payment, in working days, via CTT, with estimated arrival in 5 working days (or more days if it’s during Christmas season, according to CTT). If you’re not at home, a CTT receipt will be left in your mailbox for you to pick up at the CTT station.

* Azores: delivery until 24h after payment, in working days, via CTT, with estimated arrival in 7-15 working days (or more days if it’s during the Christmas season, according to CTT). If you’re not at home, a CTT receipt will be left in your mailbox for you to pick up at the CTT station.

* Brazil, Russia: delivery until 24h after payment, in working days, via CTT registered mail, expected to arrive in about 3 weeks, depending on the local post partner. CTT tracking available in: Track or Change a Delivery (

* USA, Canada: delivery until 24h after payment, in working days, via CTT registered mail, estimated arrival time around 30 days, depending on the local courier partner. CTT tracking available in: Track or Change a Delivery (

OFFERS and MESSAGE CARDS FOR SPECIAL DAYS: If you wish to send your order as an Offer, without value mentioned and/or with a message card, please indicate us in the Order Notes this information and the text of the message to appear in the card.

  • Bank Transfer – Please put in the description of the operation the # of the order and send the proof to [email protected], so that we can identify more easily your payment and speed up your order. Data: IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 5668 5310 0015 2; Bank Identification Code (BIC): BBPIPTPL 
  • MBWay – You have 4 minutes to complete payment or you will have repeat your order
  • MultiBank Reference
  • Paypal
  • 3D Secure Credit Card – For it to work properly the card must be 3D Secure; you cannot have pop-up windows blocked that prevent you from finishing the payment; at the moment it doesn’t work with Safari browser nor with incognito mode.


* Classic/Traveller/Explorer Size – Yogurt Maker+Slow Cooker Oven+Dough prover, kefir, kombucha+Cooler – capacity up to 3,5L

* Baby Size – Yogurt Maker+Small dough prover+Cooler – capacity up to 1,5L


* Classic – classic model of 3.5L, ideal to keep at home

* Traveller – Classic model with extras: practical carrying handles for your picnic or trip

* Explorer – Classic model with extras: front external pocket and practical carrying handles for your picnic or trip


All YogurtNest products are designed by us and made in the North of Portugal, using cork and deadstock textiles that we recover giving them new life (wool, linen, cotton or hemp) and, for this reason of limited availability of each pattern, the collections are limited. They are accompanied by the Instructions Manual (Portuguese, English, French or Spanish), without staples or glue. Choose the one that best suits your lifestyle! YogurtNest does not include jars, just reuse your own, in the sizes and shapes you wish.

Use your YogurtNest to make yogurt, but also as a slow cooker, a nest to rise dough, kefir, kombucha and as a cooler. Get your YogurtNest now and start avoiding plastic yogurt containers, saving energy while cooking and making delicious, nutritious, healthy and economical yogurt, desserts, ice creams, spreads and dishes at home, on the go, on a picnic, camping!

O que nos faz acordar de manhã, o que nos fez deixar os nossos antigos postos de trabalho e abraçar este projecto, são os nossos sonhos. Um destes sonhos é poder contribuir para a regeneração do nosso Querido, mas tão maltratado Planeta Terra. Foi um sonho que deu vida ao YogurtNest, e foi outro que originou a nossa colecção Zero Waste.

O conceito Zero Waste não é novo, e ainda bem, mas achámos que podíamos trazer algo de diferente, e assim nasceu a colecção de Sacos de Compras Multiusos World Markets. Um saco multiusos com bolsos compartimentados, de grande capacidade, resistente e com design que o tornará actual durante décadas em que te acompanhará nas compras, na praia ou no dia-a-dia. 🙂 Complementados pelos Sacos de rede em algodão, para compras ou levar o lanche.

E quando encontras uma colecção de tecidos acompanhados por uma etiqueta datada de 1978, o que fazes? Lanças uma colecção de Guardanapos e Individuais de mesa com 42 anos, que te ajudarão a eliminar do teu caixote do lixo os guardanapos de papel durante mais 42 anos! Junta à tua mesa uma Faquinha de barrar artesanal feita por nós com madeira de qualidade reaproveitada!

Na loja online em “Sacos & Malas” e “Na Mesa”.

Our mission is to help people eat and live in a healthier and more sustainable way. Thus, we decided to provide you with delicious food products and impeccable quality, which we do not dispense in our house, and that I’m sure you have already tasted in our showcookings and workshops!

We have tasted many granolas in shops and fairs and have chosen the best: Trinca’s handmade granolas (made in Torres Novas), awarded with a “Great Taste Award”. This family business produces granolas, bread, has an organic shop (where you can also find the YogurtNest) and gives workshops. The granolas are created by Lia and made with organic, gluten free, vegan and delicious complement to the yogurt that comes out of your YogurtNest every day. We and Trinca experiment everyday different variations of homemade yogurt with Trinca’s granolas. We are sure you will love it too!

The organic seaweed from ALGAplus, produced in the Ílhavo estuary, has always been present at our table, in snacks, quiches, salads, stews, soups, rice? Now it’s time for you to take them home with you! Enrich your diet with mineral salts and taste the sea, reduce the use of salt. Try it yourself!

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