More than a

Yogurt Maker

We would risk saying that the first time you saw a YogurtNest, you thought it was nothing but a beautiful bag!

Don’t expect to find an electric cable sticking out of it, or a plastic yogurt maker tucked inside! 🙂

The YogurtNest is much more than that!

It’s the most eco-friendly multifunction yogurt maker in the world!

Just figure it out for yourself:

  • It allows you to produce yogurt according to your needs, from a very small jar to a total of 3.5L;
  • It allows you to reuse the glass jars you already have at home, to make your yogurt;
  • It allows you to choose the milk (cow, goat, sheep, whole milk, 1% fat, no fat, lactose-free…) and the ingredients that you will use – the possibilities are endless!
  • It allows you to make vegetable yogurt (soy, oats, rice, almond, coconut … again, the possibilities are endless!);
  • It allows you to make Greek yogurt, cheese, dips and dressings, cheesecake and other yogurt-based desserts;
  • And, yes, it allows you to make your yogurt wherever and whenever you need it (at home, outside, on the road …);
  • To top all that, it’s faster than an electric yogurt maker – your yogurt will be ready in just 6 hours!

A multi-function tool

Now you know that the YogurtNest is not your normal yogurt maker, but you may not yet know that it is also a true multi-function tool that can be used as:

  • A slow cooker which will allow you to cook healthy rice, pasta, soups and stews, saving energy, sparing the Environment, with full knowledge that your food will not burn or stick to the bottom of your pot. You can even do it while travelling;
  • A practical cooler or thermal bag that you may take along with you to work, to the beach, or for a picnic. It will keep your food cold or warm, whatever your needs;
  • A bread-leavening nest you may use to raise the dough for your bread, pizza or pastries.

You can see, when we say that the YogurtNest is the most versatile yogurt maker in the world we mustn’t be very far from the truth!


Did you know that, around the world, each day sees the production of millions of disposable plastic yogurt containers? These packages are, then, stored in refrigerated chambers, travel hundreds – even thousands – of kilometres, to end, at the best of chances, in a recycling line or, at worst, floating in the ocean, where they cause the death of marine life.

With the YogurtNest, you can help end this problem!

We have estimated that, by using the YogurtNest, a family that consumes about 5 litres of yogurt per week will be able to avoid the production of 2 085 small plastic containers every year.

And the YogurtNest, lest we forget, is made with natural and renewable materials: cork and cotton.


The YogurtNest not only helps you save the Planet but also your purse. We have estimated that a family of 4, consuming 4 of the cheapest 125ml yogurt cups per day will save € 160,00 at the end of the year.

In the case of more expensive yogurt varieties (real fruit, lactose-free, vegetable alternatives to yogurt), savings are a lot more significant. For example, a single person consuming one soy yogurt container per day will save €214,00 at the end of the year.

Healthy and Happy

By making your own yogurt with the YogurtNest, you may avoid the colourants, preservatives, flavour enhancers and excessive sugar, normally found in commercial yogurts, and select your own ingredients and customize your yogurt with fresh fruit or jams, seeds, cereals, honey, cocoa… whatever your creativity may suggest!

As you can see, making yogurt, with the YogurtNest, is mighty cool! You make nutritious, delicious yogurt in a healthy, economical and sustainable way. And do not forget, the YogurtNest is 100% Portuguese!

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