Make yogurt

in 3 easy steps


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Making yogurt is mighty cool!

Making your own yogurt is an act of freedom. The YogurtNest gives you even more freedom, allowing you not only to choose the quantity of yogurt you are going to make and the containers you are going to use, but it also allows you to choose the milk you are going to use (cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk, whole milk, 1% fat, 2% fat, lactose-free…) and the ingredients you may add, to make it absolutely irresistible. Your only limit will be your own imagination.
Let’s see how you can use your YogurtNest to do it: 

Step 1: Heat it

Heat the milk to, about, 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit).
For that, you may use a stove and pot, a microwave oven or a camping stove, if you happen to be in the Himalayas.

Step 2: Feed it

Add a spoonful of yogurt to the heated milk and stir. If you’re using a plant-based milk, add a thickening agent (like guar gum) and blend.

Step 3: Sleep it

Make sure your jar(s) is/are sealed and tuck inside the YogurtNest. Place the bonnet over and go about your business, letting the bacteria do the heavy labour. In about 6 hours your yogurt will be ready to be enjoyed.

Haven’t we told you that making yogurt was cool?

P.S.: Do not forget to take a peek at our tips and tricks corner!

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