The YogurtNest Team

For people, by people

The YogurtNest was born out of our passion for this Great Planet of ours.

The same passion has been driving us to make this fantastic tool available to the largest possible number of homes, so it can spread its magic throughout the Planet. It has been a great adventure, not always easy – sometimes extremely difficult – but, surely, gratifying, and in which all those that purchased a YogurtNest became a part. This corner of the website is dedicated to you, so that you can meet us, and so that we can thank you for all the enthusiastic support we have been receiving.

Miguel Leal

Attracted to the Natural World, from a very young age, my life was spent between Portugal and Canada.

It is no wonder, then, that I would eventually find myself hiking the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, or contemplating the vastness of the Canadian Arctic, having been lucky enough to combine some my greatest passions, working as a travel photographer and writer.

I eventually graduated in Marine Biology and went on to improve my education on how to fix the Planet.

My concerns with the Planet’s sustainability led me to become a beekeeper and, ultimately, to found TimberBee, a beekeeping company with a twist. It was there, interestingly enough, that the YogurtNest was born, as the sum of all these experiments and experiences, successes and failures.

Thanks to the YogurtNest, I get the chance to envision new products that will help us live more sustainably, and turn them into reality.

Off work, I love to explore the outdoors, share my passion for the Planet, read travel literature and to run endless trails through wild landscapes.


Ana Jervis

As a child, living in a coastal area, I would spend hours on the beach, exploring animal and plant life, always curious to see what kinds of exotic surprises had been left by the tides.

Later in life, after getting my degree in Agrarian and Biological Sciences, I had the privilege to work as an environmental educator, beekeeper and marine biologist, where I met and worked with Miguel, and share that knowledge and life experience with groups of children and adults, guiding them through beaches, rivers and forests.

My passion for creating a Better World got me actively involved with several civic and environmental initiatives, granting me the opportunity to create a Transition Towns initiative, manage several environmental interesting projects, meet lots of fantastic people and visit amazing projects, in several countries.

Being a part of this project grants me the chance to apply all the experience I have accumulated, by designing ways for you to get acquainted with the YogurtNest.

Off work, outdoor activities play a great role in my life, as does cooking, photographing and travelling to see new places, meet new people and taste new flavours.

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