This jellogurt combines the tangy, subtle flavor of a wild rose tea with the taste and texture of a strawberry jelly. This one will, definitely, surprise your friends.

You will need:

– Strawberry-flavored vegetable gelatin or agar-agar;
– Choped organic strawberries;
– 500 ml milk;
– 500 ml water;
– 1 teaspoon of yogurt;
– Wild rose tea;
– Mint leaves.


– Use a transparent glass or bowl;
– Make the yogurt in the YogurtNest by heating the milk with the tea and adding a spoonful of yogurt when the milk is at 50ºC / 122F. Incubate in the YogurtNest for 6 to 8 hours. Refrigerate.
– Make a first layer of strawberry gelatin, at the bottom of the glass or bowl, according to the instructions of the maker and refrigerate, until it hardens;
– Layer the wild rose yogurt over the gelatin, creating a 2nd layer, and incubate for 6 hours in the YogurtNest.
– After 6 hours, remove the jars and refrigerate. Serve cold, decorated with rose petals and strawberries.


– You may replace the strawberries with raspberries;
– You may replace the strawberry gelatin by blending strawberries with 500 ml of hot water and ½ spoonful carrageen.

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