A natural, healthy and colourful popsicle alternative for both children and grown-ups.

You will need:

– 20 spoonfuls of Greek yogurt, from your YogurtNest;

– 12 strawberries, 1 handful of blueberries, 1 peach;

– Organic honey;

– Popsicle molds.


– Divide the yogurt in 3 parts;

– Blend one third with the peach and honey;

– Blend another with the berries and honey;

– Fill the popsicle molds with layers of yogurt, peach-yogurt blend and red fruits-yogurt blend;

– Freeze (3 hours minimum).


– For a creamier, sweeter popsicle blend a banana along with the fruit and yogurt;
– You may substitute the peach by mango and enrich the blend with some fennel (fresh or dehydrated);
– You may, also add fresh mint to the strawberry blend;
– Fruit popsicles are a great way to use overripe fruit you have at home.


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