Light Charcoal Baby


This Baby YogurtNest’s grey Denim reminds us of the light charcoal hues left in the pit, after by a convivial night spent around the camp fire, under the stars.

The Light Charcoal is a smaller version of the standard-sized YogurtNest. It’s ideal to those that prefer a downsized, compact tool.

Perfectly adequate for yogurt making (with animal or plant-based milk), bread or pizza dough leavening, or to be used as a thermal container to keep your lunch warm, or you drink cool.

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  • The most efficient & versatile yogurt maker you’ll ever find;
  • Lightweight;
  • Non-electric;
  • Made of naturally-sourced materials: cotton Denim exterior& cork interior;
  • Made to last;
  • A multi-function tool (yogurt maker; slow cooker; cooler; nest for dough leavening);
  • May be used at home, outside, while travelling;
  • Capacity: 1,5L (approx. 1/2 U.S. gallon);
  • Dimensions: 30cm high; 25cm diameter;
  • Made in Portugal.

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