Notting Hill Shopping Bag

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Our World Markets collection of shopping bags was designed to stand out at any World-famous market. It was meticulously designed so that you may safely store every item on your next visit to your favourite bulk store, farmers market, the beach, a picnic or, even better, on your every-day errands!

The numerous interior and exterior pockets, handles and shoulder straps enable you to use it easily in different situations.

Made from sturdy, durable cotton fabric that we found, frozen in time, in and old warehouse, it will look gorgeous today, it will look gorgeous in a couple of years, and a decade from now. Choose your favorite colour!

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  • 1 exterior front pocket for your book, newspaper, magazines and whatnot;
  • 2 extremity exterior pockets for bottles, jars and your water bottle;
  • 2 extremity interior pockets for bottles, jars, etc;
  • 2 large interior bellow pockets for parcels, bags, etc;
  • 1 large interior flat pocket for notebooks, iPad, etc;
  • 1 interior double pocket so that you may keep your precious iPhone screen separated from your purse or keys;
  • 1 interior chamber for larger volumes;
  • 2 handles (suitable to be used even by gloved hands);
  • 2 shoulder straps (suitable to be used even when you’re wearing a bulky coat).


Additional information

Weight 0.530 kg
Dimensions 52 × 14 × 38 cm

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