A tropical-flavored, crunchy and delicious breakfast or snack!

For one Crunchy Tropical Chiagurt you will need:

– 10 spoonfuls of coconut Chiagurt;
– 1 banana;
– 2 spoonfuls of coconut or rice drink;
– 6 spoonfuls of granola;
– 2 spoonfuls of organic honey;
– Grated coconut;
– Cinamon.


– Spread a layer of granola at the bottom of a transparent cup or glass;
– Crush the banana with the coconut milk (or rice drink) and the honey, making sure it doesn’t get too liquid;
– Stack layers of Chiagurt and crushed banana;
– Finish with a topping of grated coconut and honey.


– Check out the Coconut Chiagurt recipe;
– To achieve a creamier consistency, you may use a frozen banana, sliced.

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