The first YogurtNest to be made of linen!
In our constant search for natural materials, this fabric, rustic and timeless, is a perfect match for a YogurtNest.
Oaks are some of the most common trees to be found in Portugal, having, in the past, occupied much of the country as part of an immense, luscious and bio-diverse forest.
The expression “solid as oak”, fits, perfectly, with our idea of creating a robust product that will be a life-long companion.

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  • The most efficient & versatile yogurt maker you’ll ever find;
  • Lightweight;
  • Non-electric;
  • Made of naturally-sourced materials;
  • Made to last;
  • A multi-function tool (yogurt maker; slow cooker; cooler; nest for dough leavening)
  • May be used at home, outside, while travelling;
  • Capacity: 3,5L (approx. 1 U.S. gallon);
  • Dimensions: 36cm high; 30cm diameter;
  • Made in Portugal.

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