Sea Lettuce – dehydrated – 30g


Seaweed for cooking

Sea lettuce has a full-bodied, fresh, sea flavor, and a soft texture. If you’ve never tried cooking with seaweed, this is your choice!

Combines well with cold dishes, fish, vegetables , omelettes or salads with and vinaigrette. It may also used as wrapping and may be incorporated, in small flakes, in fried skewers, quiches and salted pastries. Do check our Atlantic Yogurt Dip recipe, a simple appetizer to eat with vegetable sticks, toast or bread sticks.

When cooked with water, use whole or reduce to flakes, as a seasoning. To add to a recipe without water or use as a wrap, pre-soak in a bowl of water for 15 minutes and then discard the water.

High in vitamin D, calcium and iron. May contain traces of crustaceans.

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Scientific Nome: Ulva rigida

Produced and packed by ALGAplus, in Ílhavo, in the Ria de Aveiro wetlands, in Portugal.

After opening the package, keep it in a dry, cool environment. The package may be re-sealed.

Tok de Mar seaweeds are 100% natural and organic, obtained in a sustainable way with the highest quality control, from the production phase in integrated aquaculture to packaging. Can partially replace the use of salt.

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