This YogurtNest made of bright moss- green carded wool is part of the Portuguese Mountain Villages collection.
The whole collection was made possible by a chance discovery, when we found a collection of woolen fabrics, forgotten for over two decades in a warehouse, perfectly preserved in the original wrapping. It was a real barn find and love at first sight!
We have no record of its origin – although we suspect it originates from a long gone wool weaving factory- the quality, though, is absolutely amazing!
The name of this YogurtNest honors the picturesque village of Piódão, located in the Serra do Açor, in Central Portugal. Piódão is a picture-perfect village, with its shale dwellings huddling together up the hillside, with shale slate roofs and blue wooden doors and windows.
Due to the limited amount of fabric available, this is one of the rarest models of the YogurtNest. </ P>

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  • The most efficient & versatile yogurt maker you’ll ever find;
  • Lightweight;
  • Non-electric;
  • Made of naturally-sourced materials;
  • Made to last;
  • A multi-function tool (yogurt maker; slow cooker; cooler; nest for dough leavening);
  • May be used at home, outside, while travelling;
  • Capacity: 3,5L (approx. 1 U.S. gallon);
  • Dimensions: 36cm high; 30cm diameter;
  • Made in Portugal.

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