The YogurtNest Líquen is made from a cotton ultra-resistant twill. It’s made to be used and abused, fitting in with our aim of creating a robust and durable product, capable of accompanying its buyer throughout their life.

Use the practical pocket to store a thermometer, cutlery, napkin, keys and cell phone.

Brother of YogurtNest Moss and Moss Walker, inspired by the resilience of moss, Lichen is inspired by these beings, a happy symbiotic mix of an algae and a fungus. The algae produces food through photosynthesis and the fungus protects the algae. You can find them in the most inhospitable places, from near the sea to the desert, on rocks, trees, leaves, and in many colors, the most abundant of which is probably the color of this YogurtNest… They are very resistant and natural colonizers, as well as being bio-indicator organisms that give us information about air quality.

This is your YogurtNest, it helps you prepare your meals, it’s multifunctional, it’s resistant, and it goes with you everywhere!

This is a limited collection. If you like this model, grab it now!

Greek yogurt fan? A fan of plant-based drinks and plant-based yogurt? Then you really must get your Better Cloth so you can make them at home, whenever you want, easily, cheaply and without the unnecessary sugars and fats found in commercial products. Made in the north of Portugal.

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  • A multi-functional tool: Non-electric natural yogurt maker + Slow Cooker + bread dough proofer, Kefir, Viili, Skyr, Kombucha + Thermal bag for cold and hot food and drink;

  • As a yogurt maker, you can make dairy, lactose-free, vegan, liquid, flavored and Greek yogurt (to make Greek, use Better Cloth);

  • As a yogurt maker, it is more versatile, economical and faster than electric appliances, as it has several uses, less energy consumption, takes only 6 hours to ferment and you can (re)use jars in the quantity and volume you want;

  • Non-electrical, without an electrical plug;
    Made from natural materials: cork (filling and label); cotton (outside), cotton (inside, ribbon, beret);

  • Made from materials that will last for many years;

  • Does not break or damage;

  • Works indoors, outdoors and on the move, regardless of the ambient temperature;

  • The interior fabric may be a different color to that shown in the photos, as we combine existing fabrics, whose rolls have different lengths, with a view to using and upcycling existing resources;

  • Model capacity: 3.5L;

  • Dimensions: 26cm height; 30cm diameter;

  • Practical outer pocket for storing thermometers, cutlery, napkins, keys and cell phones;

  • Designed by us and made in the North of Portugal, for you, with Dedication and Love;

  • Sold with instructions manual;

  • 3-year guarantee;

  • Repairs possible at the customer’s request;

  • Receipt of the product at the end of its life cycle from a circular economy perspective: cork reuse and textile fiber recycling;

  • Jars, bags and food containers are not included, reuse your jars in the sizes and volumes you need.


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