Irish Moss – dehydrated – 30g


Seaweed for cooking

If you want to try a crunchy, flavoured seaweed, Irish Moss is your choice! It is ideal for thickening sauces and puddings, gelling and garnishing dishes and salads.

Use directly on larger pieces or flakes, when cooked in a recipe with water, or reduced to flakes or re-hydrated. To add to a recipe without water, soak previously in a bowl with water, for 15 minutes, and discard the water.

Hydrated algae increase in volume about 5 times.

High in magnesium, potassium, zinc and iodine. May contain traces of crustaceans.

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Scientific Nome: Chondrus crispus

Produced and packed by ALGAplus, in Ílhavo, in the Ria de Aveiro wetlands, in Portugal.

After opening the package, keep it in a dry, cool environment. The package may be re-sealed.

Tok de Mar seaweeds are 100% natural and organic, obtained in a sustainable way with the highest quality control, from the production phase in integrated aquaculture to packaging. Can partially replace the use of salt.

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